It’s almost instinctual to think of your bank when buying a home or making changes to your mortgage. Ask yourself this, would you go to one dealership to buy a car or would you shop around for the best price? A mortgage broker does exactly that, we take your information and shop all the banks/lenders on your behalf. This not only saves you time and stress, but it also prevents you from having several credit reports pulled, in return protecting your score. Today you have the convenience and the opportunity to work with a mortgage broker who is solely working on your behalf, accessing and locking in the lowest rate available to you.

Why is a Mortgage Broker the right choice for you?

  • One-Stop-Shop
  • Using a mortgage broker is FREE in almost all cases
  • Clients fill out one application and don’t have to seek out multiple lenders’ quotes
  • Brokers have access to multiple lenders with better rates, including:
    • Major Banks
    • Credit Unions
    • Niche Lenders
    • Insurance and Trust Companies
    • Private Funds
  • Mortgage brokers are true specialists and are knowledgeable about what different bank/lenders have to offer.
  • May be able to arrange a mortgage for those having trouble getting approved by banks, such as:
    • Self-employed individuals.
    • Those with poor credit history

Chilliwack Mortgage Broker

With a Mortgage Broker

You will have an individual hands-on experience, a person who unbiasedly works on your behalf while walking you through all the steps involved.

A Broker does more than just find you the best mortgage, they discuss your personal financials and lifestyle situation, whether you plan to stay in your house for a long period of time or use it as an investment tool. We also provide you with details on various banks/lenders, discussing the pros & cons of fixed vs variable rates as well as any cancellation or prepayment policies. We break your mortgage contract down in simple form so every aspect is understood by the mortgagor.

Getting a mortgage is an enormous step for anyone, don’t do it alone, contact our team at Browne Mortgages + More to invest in arguably the biggest decision of your life!