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Strata Fee Increase & Lowering Your Payments

  Strata Fee Increase & Lowering Your Payments We’ve recently been informed by strata insurance companies in our local area, that people who are currently in stratas could be looking at a 30% – 100% Increase in the strata insurance. This will cause a increase in your strata fees. If you are in a strata […]

B-Lenders & Private Mortgages

      B-Lenders & Private Mortgages. As Chilliwack Mortgages Brokers, we’ve decided to give you all an easy read on everything you need to know about B-lenders & Private Mortgages. Most of us are vaguely aware of private mortgages, although B Lender Mortgages & Private Mortgages are the fastest growing segment in the Canadian […]

Buying a Foreclosed Home

  Buying a Foreclosed Home   As Chilliwack Mortgage Brokers we’ve taken it upon ourselves to share some Pros and Cons about buying a foreclosed home.   Process of purchasing a foreclosed house:   Original offer goes in and is reviewed by the foreclosing company.   If the offer is accepted a court date will be […]

Canadians Reach Highest Debt Service Levels to Date

Chilliwack, BC – Alarming statistics were released stating that Canadians are paying the highest percentage of their income, towards debt. Although the headline may seem alarming our Chilliwack mortgage brokers are advising that it’s in fact not as frightening as it sounds. Yes, Canadians will have less disposable income left to spend on life outside […]

Elections & Changes For Canadian Home Buyers

With elections six months away, Canadian home buyers are hopeful for a solution to address the housing affordability issue and so are we. It’s undeniable that certain rule changes have made housing unaffordable for several home buyers across Canada, but these changes not only affect those trying to buy, they also affect Canadians who have […]

Government Introduces a Real Blunder of a Program for Home Buyers’

Chilliwack, BC – Here are my thoughts regarding the governments offer of an interest free loan in exchange for a percentage of ownership in your home. On January 17, 2017 the BC liberals introduced something similar called the BC Home Partnership Program. The program offered to match home buyers’ down-payment costs with an interest free […]

BC Budget Speculation, Changes for Home Buyers

Chilliwack BC, The BC budget is set to be released in just a few days and as always, there are speculators weighing in on the changes we’re expected to see and where exactly we expect funds to be allocated. Housing affordability is a topical subject of course, as we’ve seen the rise and fall of […]