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While sipping your coffee this fine Monday morning we thought we’d share the latest news on the big changes that have been made with credit A.K.A your BEACON Score.

Although some have never really given their Beacon Score too much thought or concern when applying for credit or missing one cell phone payment, not until the need to borrow money comes up of course and are told you do not qualify due to these late payments and/or inquiries.

Below, we have listed just a few of the new beneficial rules implemented when it comes to your Beacon score.

  • People with less credit (IE One credit Card), traditionally got very low credit scores if a minor delinquency happened VS clients with multiple credit cards. Minimal Credit Consumers who are in-fact more conservative will be treated better and more fair!
  • For the first time, mortgage data is included in the calculation of the BEACON score. Previously good mortgage repayment did not help your credit which we deemed unfair and this is an appropriate correction.
  • Inquiries by lenders on your credit bureau affected your credit for 36 months. This has now changed to 12 months. A positive change for consumers
  • The impact of multiple Mortgage and Auto inquiries traditionally did not affect your credit if you did it over 14 days. That has been extended to 45 days giving you more time to shop for the best deal J

It is extremely important to know what will affect your credit.  Also these changes will help your credit score so that you don’t find yourself being turned down by a lender based on an isolated missed payment, lack of enough credit history or too many inquiries looking for the best deal. These are all positive changes.

We see all too often situations, when it comes to credit scores  negatively affecting people borrowing money. We are always here to help if you get negative feed back on your credit score – just call us to help. If you would like anything further explained or need a situation reviewed …

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